Personal Injury from Marietta, Georgia

We are engineers + lawyers for car & truck accident injuries. We understand "being injured"... we will come to your home! Former top federal govenment accident investigator & expert. Celebrating 20 years of helping hundreds of injured victims of car and truck accidents. Lashgari & Associates, P.C., Attorneys At Law of Marietta, Georgia, provides exemplary legal services and specializes in helping accident victims with personal injury cases. Nothing is more important than helping ensure that your rights are upheld and your life gets back on track.

Personal Injury Representation

As accomplished trial lawyers, we have a track record of helping clients receive favorable judgments and the deserved compensation. We specialize in injury law and accident litigation. Whether you have been in a serious car accident, been injured due to another's negligence, or have slipped and fallen on the job, we are here to champion your legal needs. Our firm has extensive experience with a variety of personal injury cases, including:

Consultations & Cases

In the State of Georgia, you can only pursue compensation from an injury claim once. Therefore, it's best to seek the assistance from a firm that has your best interests at heart. Once you've settled, you cannot make another claim.
Our attorneys will sit with you and look over your case, taking into account everything from the amount of stress you are under to your compounding bills and lost time from work. You can count on us to be honest throughout the entire process, keeping you apprised of any changes. When it comes to fighting for your rights and getting your life back to a sense of normalcy, no other firm is as dedicated as ours.
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