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Are we the firm for you? If you want a team of experts to win your case, then absolutely!

On this page, we provide you a list of most recent high settlement cases. Many of these people have suffered devastating injuries.

With 25 years of legal experience and 38 years of engineering and accident investigation, the attorneys at Lashgari & Associates, P.C. Attorneys at Law exclusively represent victims who have sustained injuries due to trucking or auto accidents.

When you choose Lashgari & Associates, P.C. Attorneys at Law, you’re not just hiring an attorney but a team of experts. Our lead attorney David Lashgari, a former top Unites States government accident investigator, has more than 38 years experience in accident investigation, along with 25 years of successfully representing hundreds of injured victims.

It is our priority to provide you with superior legal representation, obtain maximum compensation and a level of comfort to make the recovery easier.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an auto or truck accident, contact Lashgari & Associates, P.C. Attorney at Law for the legal superior representation you deserve.

Disclaimer: These case results do not guarantee a specific result for your case as each case is different and must be evaluated separately.

Recent Verdicts & Settlements

Car & Truck Accidents

$500,000.00 - Bodily injury, fractures & scares; Car accident

Due to speeding and weather conditions, a driver swerved into the next lane and crashed into a semi-truck, spun around and crashed into a concrete barrier wall , leaving a woman with fractures, scares and other bodily injuries.

Chattanooga, Tennessee

$300,000.00- Cerebral hemorrhage/contusion, rib fractures, other bodily injuries; Motor-vehicle collision.

Our lead attorney’s engineering expertise was significantly instrumental in handling this claim in successfully obtaining the full policy limit amount of the coverage for the at fault driver.

Marietta, Georgia

$100,000.00- Bodily injury, several fractures; Rear-ended

Woman stopped due to traffic and was negligently rear-ended which cause her vehicle to propel into the vehicle in front of her, causing bodily injuries and multiple fractures.

Atlanta, Georgia

$175,000.00- Bodily injury, pain & suffering; Automobile collision

A man negligently made a left turn, entered the roadway and caused a motor collision. Kennesaw, Georgia

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